Fundraising Innovation

AZIX revolutionizes fundraising by enabling startups to secure capital bases on their inherent value proposition

Startups Empowerment

Provides a dynamic platform for startups to thrive and access essential funding for growth and innovation.

African payment integration

Seamlessly integrated African payment methods facilitate diverse remittances for financial and accessory purposes.


Jaro chatbot serves as a valuable resource for users seeking information about Daada's technologies, while also embodying various chatbot possibilities that can benefit businesses. It operates as a text-based model, leveraging OpenAI's technology to provide efficient and informative responses. Through its training on company-specific data, Jaro chatbot can offer tailored insights into Daada's technologies and services. Its purpose is to facilitate user understanding and engagement by delivering accurate and relevant information. Ultimately, Jaro chatbot showcases the potential for leveraging advanced AI capabilities to enhance business communication and customer support.

Enhanced CRM Space

Revolutionizes customer care both within and outside Africa , ensuring seamless and effective communication.

Human-Like Interaction

A simulation of human-like phone conversations, capable of addressing tech support, trouble shooting, and other customer care needs

Daada Send

"Daada Send" is a user-friendly mobile app enabling swift and secure cryptocurrency transfers globally. Users can effortlessly send digital assets across borders and withdraw funds within seconds, bypassing traditional banking delays. With its intuitive interface, Daada Send ensures a seamless experience for users of all levels, making crypto transactions convenient and accessible. Its lightning-fast withdrawal feature sets it apart, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency. Daada Send revolutionizes global payments, empowering users to transact with confidence and ease, reshaping the future of digital asset transactions.