About Daada Inc

Daada Inc pioneers innovation and sustainability in African markets through cutting-edge fintech, AI and SaaS solutions. With the AZIX exchange empowering startups, carbon footprint software promoting sustainability, and an AI Engine aiding informed investments, we're committed to transformative change.

Collaborating with industry giants such as Microsoft, Wartin labs, and Blocktech Brew, we drive innovation for a more sustainable Africa.

Our principles

Privacy and Security

person holding smartphone beside tablet computer
person holding smartphone beside tablet computer

Personalized Support


person holding android smartphone
person holding android smartphone

We prioritize the privacy and security of our users, ensuring their information is protected at all times.We address this through our blockchain technology.

We provide personalized support to our users, understanding their unique needs and offering tailored assistance.

Daada Inc ensures that transparency in all transactions made via the Daada application. Daada ensures transparency in every step of your transactions.